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Why Do I Need Realbird for My Listing Marketing? 

Realbird is a really good place to add your listings because Google loves Realbird:), need I say more? 

Realbird has a very high domain authority with Google. The domain score that SEOMoz has attributed to Realbird is the high score of 70. 

I explained about why it is important to participate on website with high domain authority and why getting backlinks from them is so important to your listings and to your website and your brand, in this article. 

Realbird gives you a lot of tools all in one web platform. 

For only $180 per year (paid annually) you get a lot of value. I am NOT an affiliate for RealBird. I just know this is a great product for promoting listings.

First, you get unlimited single property websites on Realbird that are yours. You don’t have to buy domain names for your listings. You can if you want to but I have seen no difference in SEO value so I just use the one you get for each of your listings from Realbird. 

On the single property websites, you add your listing story to the page, and then you upload your photos and your video of your listing. You share your Realbird single property website URL with your seller who can easily share it to his or her Facebook friends or email the listing to family members and neighbors. 

Here is what Realbird says about their listing marketing platform: 

“The RealBird Listing Marketing is an easy-to-use and powerful online, social media and mobile listing marketing platform. 

Enter your listings on a simple form, upload all the photos at once and a set of lead capture tools are created for you automatically including single property websites, virtual tours, landing pages for Facebook ads and social media campaigns, branded listing photos and property widgets for various platforms. 

Your listings are automatically syndicated to leading real estate portals too.”

Once you add one of your listings to the single property portal, Realbird syndicates your listing to many listing aggregator sites around the internet, all with links back to your listing! 

I love the ease of using Realbird too. 

The backlinks help your single property website to climb higher on the Google index. I have seen many listings on page one of Google SERPS because of the powerful domain authority of Realbird and the backlinks Realbird generates for your single property page from around the internet. 

With one click, you can create a widget of your listings and put them on your right side-bar on your blog and website. 

Whenever you make a price change or any edits on your single property site on your Realbird account, the widgets are automatically updated. There is nothing you need to do! So easy! So simple and efficient. 

And then you can also get the HTML code and add it wherever you can add code. 

The best benefit is that you get your leads. No referral fees, no paying for the leads. They go into your own leads portal. 

You can push your leads from your realbird lead section to your email so you can be notified right away. 

The other thing that you get with the Realbird portal, is a property search feature. This is really good for real estate agents who are not allowed by their Realtor boards or by their brokers to add IDX on their websites. 

It is also a nice feature because your clients and leads can search properties nationwide throughout the United States. You can also get referrals if you work this system smartly. 

Realbird also includes landings pages! Unlimited landing pages for your FB ads and your CRM; coming soon listings, just listed, recently repriced,  under contract, and sold listings. 

The landing pages are very easy for you to set up or we can set them up for you. 

When you set up your listings on your website you can also add a 

“Search nearby homes” widget or iframe code for people to be able to search for other homes. Many times, your listing is not the house for the buyer who is searching, but why lose the buyer to another agent when you can be the one who writes the offer? 

This offers the user a map based search which a lot of buyers love. Sellers also like to search for homes so even if you are strictly a listing agent, adding map based searches to your properties is an effective marketing tool. 

Sellers typically look up other properties in their neighborhood before calling a Realtor in order to get an idea of what the houses are up for sale for. Many sellers are looking for a place to buy before deciding to put their property on the market. 

All of these marketing tools available to you on Realbird and ActiveRain, help you stand apart from your competition. Use these tools in your listing presentations and win the listings! 

Add the map-based property search to your Facebook page as an interactive widget. This widget is private labeled for you. 

In this widget, your fans and interested buyers and sellers can request for more information and to schedule a showing through you. 

Realbird also says: 

“Embed your RealBird Mobile Real Estate Website in your Facebook Page as an interactive widget. Users can see your active, pending and sold properties, search for homes and read your latest blog posts. The application also shows your mobile site’s QR code for easy bookmarking on phones.”

Set up a featured listings widget from Realbird on your Facebook page. This widget is updated as soon as you add or delete a listing from your Realbird main property site. 

With the photos you have uploaded to your single property site, you can create a moving slideshow with one click. The slideshow can be resized for your website and internet specifications. They are also mobile ready and friendly! 

Virtual tours are easy to set up on Realbird: 

  • Beautiful, full screen, virtual tour, branded and unbranded versions
  • Use any number of high resolution photos
  • Modern, mobile friendly, dynamic slideshow presentation
  • Add unbranded tour to your MLS listing record
  • Share branded tour via social media
  • Easy to promote and share via email
  • Seller email tool to let seller help promote the listing to friends and family, while promoting your brand
  • Easy to promote via texting (requires SMS feature to be set up)
  • Set up tours in only a few minutes and update them easily

One click tasks save time! And remember, my listing marketing team are pros on all of these tasks and can handle it all for you. 

Realbird has a really powerful texting service to help you communicate faster with leads and buyers. You can also reuse your SMS codes which saves a lot of time and money. 

Set up a phone number with Twilio, which is only $1 per month.  Each SMS costs 0.75 cent (ie. 1.5 cents per lead for one incoming and one outgoing message) per Realbird. 

Do you do any property management and rental properties? Realbird has the tools to help you syndicate your rental listings. 

Here is a list of webinars from Realbird where I was the featured speaker.
These will help you to understand listing marketing better and why you need to be utilizing sites like Realbird for your ongoing marketing:

I am not an affiliate of Realbird. I highly recommend Realbird because it works for marketing your listings and getting leads from your listings. I have been using Realbird since 2008. 

Get started today by ordering your listing marketing. 

Note: We can do all of the tasks listed in this article for you as part of our hourly block of hours or our jumpstart program. For a complete list of listing marketing tasks you will see that list when you get to the cart page. We don’t share the list in public because we don’t want our competitors using the list. 


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