YouTube Video for Listing Marketing

Why should I upload my real estate listing videos to YouTube?

In this article I will answer the question about why you should be marketing your listings on YouTube. 

Did you know that 97% of all real estate agents DO NOT market their listings on YouTube? 

That means that only 3% of the total agents DO market their listings on YouTube? 

Are you one of the 97% or one of the 3%? 

Which group has a better chance of getting the listing if this information is shared with the seller? 

Get on YouTube, optimize your channel, brand it well; and then go get those listings! 

When we do your listing marketing for you, we take the photos that you provide for your listing and create a YouTube video of the listing. We use royalty free music so your listing does not get flagged for copyright infringement*. We use text overlays in most videos, and if you provide moving video for us, we can incorporate that into the video. 

We use long descriptions with SEO; tactics that have been proven to work in getting traffic and views on your listing videos. 

The videos typically are from one minute to two minutes for this particular task of listing marketing. 

We can get a lot fancier and do a lot more when we have more hours that we can dedicate to your YouTube marketing. 

For the purpose of this article, I am staying on point about listing marketing according to our listing marketing checklist of items we do for you. 

YouTube is a very powerful backlink. YouTube has HUGE domain authority. It is also the third largest search engine on the planet. 

We discussed domain authority in my ActiveRain article here. 

For serious consideration outside of strictly listing marketing you want to make sure you SEO your content on YouTube for the search engines- particularly Google and then for YouTube’s search engine. 

YouTube is its own search engine. 

According to Forbe’s Magazine: 

“YouTube’s user-friendliness, combined with the soaring popularity of video content, has made it the second largest search engine behind Google. With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube’s search volume is larger than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL and combined.”

This is a huge statement and one that should not be ignored by real estate agents any longer. 

I am also not talking about just posting a video on YouTube and then running away. 

That does no good for your long term promoting of your listings or your brand. 

One of the things you need to do right away is to make sure your YouTube channel is designed just as well as your website is, ( well, hopefully).  We can help you with that also. This is outside of the scope of a listing marketing package but well worth the time and investment. You can hire the team to do this for you too. 

Don’t just slap on some image as your channel art. And be careful what you choose for your thumbnails. 

For the listing marketing part, we upload the video the video team created for your listing to your YouTube account. 

We add the address or keyword title, depending on what your strategy is, and then a description. The description is long, most likely your post and we can do a lot of keyword and SEO work with YouTube tags. 

We then add the video to your listings or coming soon playlist. 

Playlists need to be named by keywords which are actually being searched on YouTube and on Google. 

These are the basic tasks for a listing marketing package for each listing. 

However, there is so much more to YouTube than meets the eye! 

YouTube optimization is a project on its own. This is why you will see so many YouTubers promoting optimization on YouTube, SEO, etc. 

Outside of the scope of listing marketing make sure you are doing the following: 

  1. Sign up for TubeBuddy** here: http://TubeBuddyGIDFM 
  2. Install TubeBuddy on your Chrome browser. 
  3. Open TubeBuddy whenever you are working on your videos. 
  4. Create ( we can do this for you) your Channel Art, keeping in mind to check how it looks on desktop, tablet, phone. 
  5. Create your logo for your YouTube avatar 
  6. Check your subscriber page and your new visitor page- this is very important, as each of those will see a different view of your YouTube page. Optimize for both. 
  7. Create a video for your new visitors to see when they arrive at your page. This is the only time they will see this video. 
  8. Create your playlists 
  9. Create your thumbnails for your different playlists, keeping your branding in mind. 
  10. Optimize every single one of your YouTube videos with SEO, backlinks, interlinking… 
  11. Create your YouTube cards and interlink using my advanced YouTube SEO strategies and tactics. 
  12. Order and add your transcriptions to each video 
  13. Create your YouTube info cards for every video 
  14. Pin a comment 
  15. Share your videos across all social media! 

This is the short list of what you need to be doing on your YouTube account for each video. 

We have a lot of other SEO tactics we implement for our clients who are looking to optimize their YouTube channels and playlists. 

For your business, branding is very important. You can make a name for yourself on YouTube. There is plenty of room… come on in.. the water is warm:). 

Make sure you are optimizing your SEO on YouTube with your brand; your name + Realtor, and if you own your brokerage, your brokerage brand name + Real estate services, etc. 

Video is one of the best returns on investment there is for Realtors. 

When you are on your listing appointments make sure to promote the fact you market your listings on YouTube and other agents do not. 

Most likely, you will be the only agent who really uses SEO and markets their listings in your market. 

Listing Presentation tip: 

We tell sellers- 

Did you know that if you had the time and energy to interview 100 agents today – only 3 of them market their listings on YouTube? 

With video being the most popular medium to digest these days— it makes no sense NOT to utilize and promote our listings on YouTube. 

We happen to be one of those 3 agents promoting our listings on YouTube. 

Would you agree that getting your property on video would help get your house in front of the most qualified buyers? 

So let’s get started! 

This listing tip works for us and I am sure it is going to work for you. 

Make it a natural part of the conversation. 

Video is here to stay. 

Order listing marketing here: Listing Marketing for Agents and Brokers 

You can order as many packages as you need, one at a time or in multiples. 

* Sometimes even with royalty free music, the video can get flagged by companies who try to monetize YouTube videos. What happens is they make a claim on the music on your video, but they say they don’t want YouTube to shut your video down or flag it for a copyright violoation. They say all they want is the right to add YouTube ads on the video that benefit the company. Of course, they get away with it because most people don’t want to go through the hassle of defending their right to the music. Whenever you get such a claim, YouTube will send you an email about it. Simply forward the email to Daisy, our COO, and she will fight the claim for you. We have not lost a case yet because we document everything. 

**Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means I may benefit financially or otherwise from you clicking a link. There is no higher cost to buy a product with an affiliate link, in fact, many times you will get a discount of some kind depending on the company.


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